More Media News...and then some

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More Media News...and then some

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I figure I would jump all over this media blitz day by announcing that I will be officially joining the WIST family as well, taking the spot from 11-1 p.m. for "College Football Today".

I'm going to talk Tulane, SEC and national college football but I expect y'all to light up the phone lines and keep the topic centered on the Green Wave.

The show starts next Saturday, Sept. 11, a few hours before kickoff of Tulane v. Ole Miss.

As a bonus, here is my extensive interview today with Eric Asher talking Tulane football.

(Scroll to "Inside New Orleans w/ Eric Asher, go to August 31, and click on Hour 2 - it's the first segment)

Thanks for all of your support and look forward to hearing you through the phone lines on Saturday afternoons.

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Re: More Media News...and then some

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I don't know what the problem is, but I get no sound.

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