Fall ball

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Fall ball

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results

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Re: Fall ball

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I would have expected Cletus to have posted this. :-)
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Re: Fall ball

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I went to game 1
On the mound, Gillies, Olthoff, Bates and Benoit in particular looked sharp with Gillies near masterful.
T. Minder, a very solid JC transfer, looks like a capable player at shortstop or 3B; Bedgood also played some 3rd and Burns at short.
Ethan Groff in LF didn't start but has great defensive speed. An OF of Groff in LF, Haskin in CF and Ty Johnson in RF would give the Wave great speed. Glancy played most of the time in LF but didn't have a good Game 1 at the plate.
L. Aviles and Niemann and Haydan Hastings all played catcher. Aviles is stocky with a strong arm, threw one runner out stealing from his knees.
Grant Mathews looked in mid-season form; Artigues stroked a nice double to right. Haskin also did well at the plate.
in 10 innings that I watched Tulane walked one batter and nipped one other on the uniform sleeve for a hit batter.
Team looked improved to me with more depth on the mound.
One key will be replacing Hoese's defense at 3B. Tulane has enough hitting up and down the lineup to score runs.

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Re: Fall ball

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So far, the reports from these scrimmages are saying pitching is looking better. If that trend continues we could have good season and be playing beyond the conference tournament next year.
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