Still one-dimensional.

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Re: Still one-dimensional.

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Oh I agree that this year has been disappointing and not what I was expecting and hoping it would be. I am not sure you can say we took a step backward, but that is arguable.

Concerning the discussion of does this team have the talent to win 8 games, of course we are talking about the schedule we played. Not discussing some purely hypothetical schedule where we don't have the actual games to discuss. Likewise, we are not talking about "what if" Tyjae was healthy for the year. Attrition is part of a football season.
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Re: Still one-dimensional.

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If it was solely about talent there wouldn't be a need to play a game. Just match up the chess pieces and call it a day. Of course we need talent but It's much much more. Coaching, scheme, matchups, adjustments and yes, the will and the belief that no matter what you will prevail. As much as some would ridicule I want what Tulsa has.
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Re: Still one-dimensional.

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GSx wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 6:00 pm
Both Tulsa and SMU each outgained us by 200 yards; while we could have won either, and maybe should have, in the long haul you'll lose a lot more of -200 yard games than you will win. We also played a ridiculously easy ooc schedule.
A step forward was expected this year; instead, we took a step back. That's troubling.
We still aren't there!

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Re: Still one-dimensional.

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We have taken a step back in the secondary and at WR. Outside of those 2 position groups we are pretty solid. All of the transfers for those 2 areas have been busts.We must have the lowest interception total in recent history. We can't stop a decent passing team, and our receivers usually can't get open and if they are open they can't make the tough catch. But even with that said, we could very easily have 2 or 3 more wins with 1 more play in each of those games.
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Re: Still one-dimensional.

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I'm not saying we don't have talent. This is the most talented team in the last 20 years. We just don't have enough team talent to be 8-2. if the talent was there as a team we would be 8-2. The plays that needed to be made , and there were many , were not made to win the games, talented player would have made them and we would be 8-2. As a fan for the last 57 years one thing that has amazed me is how can kids that are smart in the classroom do some of the dumbest thing s on the football field. This last game had 3 or 4 things that happened that talented, smart players just don't do and it cost us the game.As far as coach WF goes he is as good a coach as we can get, I don't like some of the things he does with his in game coaching, but overall he has done a good job. Every other coach we have had that had a little degree of success, actually lest than WF, took off and moved on as fast as they could get out of town. For that we should be thankfull that we are not in a new unproven coach's rebuilding program. rjc

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