I have four tickets to tonight's game...

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I have four tickets to tonight's game...

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I know we have a ticket exchange, but time is of the essence and I don't know who reads it...

I have four tickets to tonight's game that I don't want to go to waste. I had planned on making this for a month, but something has come up. I have to be in Metairie/Avondale today and can meet somewhere to give you the tickets.

Post a reply asap. I am heading to NO before lunch....

By the way, you can have the tickets free of charge as long as you promise they won't go to waste and promise not to try to resell them to some poor student or something...

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How does one get in contact with you?

Post by cledet1 »

Phone? Email?

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Sprout called me..

Post by JtS »

to let me know he has given away the tickets.

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