Week V (Schedule, Discussion, Scores)

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Re: Week V (Schedule, Discussion, Scores)

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In the end, a very good week for the AAC
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Re: Week V (Schedule, Discussion, Scores)

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WaveProf wrote:
krewe of ham and eggs wrote:CU won but after what I saw tonight at the game I wish they were on our schedule this year
What happened with ODU? If memory serves they played UVA and Tech tight already this year and beat VT last year. Good losses don't always mean much, but if ECU is as bad as all other indications suggest, I would have expected ODU to be smelling blood
ODU runs an offense that would excite Doug Ruse
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Re: Week V (Schedule, Discussion, Scores)

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Baywave1 wrote:It may even get worse for UConn. The ESPN announcer said since this is UConn’s 4th game, Edsall the coach intends to bench as many freshmen as he can for the remainder of the season to redshirt them.

If so, I bet some seniors jump on that train too headed for greener pastures next year through the grad transfer portal.

Are we looking at recreations of GT vs Cumberland? I doubt Willie Fritz will channel his inner John Heisman in a couple of weeks and run up the score but I think some of the Husky buds in the AAC East may not be so kind in November if Edsall really does deplete another 15-20 players by redshirting them from the active roster of an already awful team.

PS, UCF just called timeout in the 4th quarter to have more time before a UConn punt. This stuff ain’t subtle.
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Re: Week V (Schedule, Discussion, Scores)

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South Florida: The Bulls have played three FBS teams this season. They have lost to all three. The combined score of those games? 111-31. Not much more than that needs to be said about the sorry state of South Florida football, although they’re fortunate to be playing a team that appears just as inept next Saturday in Connecticut. But in the bigger picture, it’s hard to see how this is acceptable in any way for South Florida, which may reach the point where there’s no choice but to buy out Charlie Strong. How much that would cost is a bit of a mystery. Most of Strong’s compensation is tied to a private foundation that doesn’t have to disclose the contract terms, but the cost seems likely to be around $5 million. That’s a lot to cough up for a cash-crunched program like South Florida, which is trying to spend the money it has on facilities rather than fired coaches. But the Bulls have gone from bad at the end of last season (they lost six straight after starting 7-0) to non-competitive this year, which is the opposite of what was supposed to happen by Strong’s third year. It’s time to do something different or risk digging the hole even deeper.
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