Week XVI (Championship Week)

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Week XVI (Championship Week)

Post by WaveProf »

Saturday December 19
#20 Tulsa 24 at #6 Cincinnati 27
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“We will expect success in all endeavors and be prepared to assess and hold ourselves accountable when we aren't successful. Tulane is a top 40 academic institution and it should expect nothing less from its athletic department.” --Troy Dannen 11.5.16
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Re: Week XVI (Championship Week)

Post by waverider »

Cincinnati kicked a game winning FG as time expired to win the AAC CG 27-24.
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Re: Week XVI (Championship Week)

Post by OGSB »

I didn't expect Tulsa to be in it at the end but there they were.
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Re: Week XVI (Championship Week)

Post by PeteRasche »

I'm always curious to see the "chat" portion of my score app, where basically degenerate gamblers who have bet on the game post running commentary. I looked at the chat from the AAC championship game, as it was a representation of people who are mostly not fans of the teams playing - neutral folks who happened to bet on the game. Granted, it's slanted by the anger of people who bet on something to occur and it didn't, but still... the commentary was what I consider a summation of probably most of "ESPN-fed" America's view of the AAC.
"Cincinnati trash... Shouldn't be top 20 much less top 10"
"They beat a D2 team to win their league and think they should be in the CFP?"
"Bama, Clemson, OSU, ND, A&M would beat Cincinnati by 50"
And the like.

I post this simply to show how far the AAC has to go to even get the slightest respect from the general public. We can make all the progress in the world with rankings, undefeated seasons, and occasional upsets of P5 schools, but as long as ESPN keeps force-feeding the P5 power stereotype to America, America will keep believing it. As evidenced by the ridiculous CFP rankings, especially the past two weeks.
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Re: Week XVI (Championship Week)

Post by Roller »

The bias is palpable. That's why it is imperative that we go to a purely mathematical rating system. The objections about teams "scheduling patsies to pad their record" do not hold water, since everyone will try to "pad their schedule," and it will all even out.
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