No Cincinnati in top 4 of NCAA playoffs---RIGGED

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No Cincinnati in top 4 of NCAA playoffs---RIGGED

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At 11-0 Cincinnatti did not get placed in the top 4 of the NCAA playoffs
Of cource you know that the NCAA would NEVER let a team NOT in their "ELITE" play for the National Championship. If I were Cincy, I would turn down any invite from anything less than places one through four. I know that is like cutting off your nose to spite your face, but that's just me. And I know that the players love playing that extra game, but that was a kick to the groin in my opinion.

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Re: No Cincinnati in top 4 of NCAA playoffs---RIGGED

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2 loss Oklahoma is a sham. FTW had a few good tweets on this.
Kansas State (who OU lost to) is ranked #80 in SP+, 25 spots or more behind:
#53 Memphis
#51 Houston
#45 Tulane
#42 Tulsa
#36 SMU
#18 UCF
If Cincy lost * one game * to any of those schools, they would be outside the top 15. I guarantee it.
Oklahoma got #6 (and lost twice!)
If you put Cincy at 6, it would change nothing this year but set the precedent than an AAC champion can finish above the SEC, Big 10, Big 12, or ACC champion

That’s not a precedent that’s in their interest whatsoever
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Re: No Cincinnati in top 4 of NCAA playoffs---RIGGED

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FS54, welcome to the discussion, we've been talking about it for weeks since Cincy got dropped behind Iowa State...

Cincinnati should absolutely not boycott a NY6 bowl. That's ridiculous.
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Re: No Cincinnati in top 4 of NCAA playoffs---RIGGED

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It's the old "my guys are better than yours" routine, where no matter how good you are, if you're not one of "their guys," fogettaboutit.
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