Holly Warlick out in WBB at Tennessee

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Holly Warlick out in WBB at Tennessee

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Seven years after she took the helm from legendary Pat Head Summit Warlick is out. They went from regularly vying for WBB final four spots to eking in to the Big Dance, and being summarily out in the first round.

She was Pat's top assistant for years; I remember when I was a resident at UT sitting across from her on a flight back into Knoxville; she had an enormous notebook that she was reviewing, having visited a number of potential recruits. She is not what one would consider a spring chicken; not sure if she will ride off into the sunset, or be up for another position somewhere.
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Re: Holly Warlick out in WBB at Tennessee

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She's lived and breathed Tennessee so long I don't think she is viable anywhere else. She was an assistant under Summit for 27 (27!) years before taking the head job. She's done.

Tennessee probably should have made this move a year or two earlier but with all the turmoil they had other fish to fry. They are one good hire away from returning to prominence or one bad hire away from continuing to slide.

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