Game 4... Houston

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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I never doubted it for a second

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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I'm very pleased

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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Wtf, that is the way we usually lose!
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Re: Game 4... Houston

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A helluva Hullabaloo!

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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I can't stop smiling.
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Re: Game 4... Houston

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It’s my understanding that if you’re coaching Houston and you lose to Tulane, you lose your job.
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Re: Game 4... Houston

Post by ForeverTU »

I can’t believe what I just saw.


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Re: Game 4... Houston

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I’m leaving the flags up tomorrow. Wife is sore from me throwing her in the air like a toddler. But she’s not not mad at me :mrgreen:

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Re: Game 4... Houston

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The most important thing is we covered the spread.

Just kidding.

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