The attom/gw Memorial Scoreboard (John McCutchen 1924-2005)

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The attom/gw Memorial Scoreboard (John McCutchen 1924-2005)

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This Scoreboard is dedicated to the memory and spirit of John (attom/gw) McCutchen, Proud Husband, Father, Grandfather, Greenie and a founder of the Tulane "Lunatic Fringe".

He was a magnificent defender of right over wrong and a extraordinary fan, supporter and alumnus of Tulane University.

A Thoroughly Thuggish Old Man was his moniker and he lived it everyday on YOGWF.

attom/gw we salute you and miss you...


John Chapman McCutchen II

McCutchen II, John Chapman John Chapman McCutchen II died at 10:45 a.m. on Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005, in Missouri City, Texas. He was 81 and a native of California. He was a building materials retailer and a U.S. Navy veteran with the rank of lieutenant. Visitation at St. Paul's Holy Trinity Episcopal Church, New Roads, on Monday, Nov. 7, from 9 a.m. until religious service at 11 a.m., conducted by the Rev. Miller Armstrong. Entombment in False River Mausoleum. A memorial Eucharist service will be held at Church of the Epiphany, Houston, on Thursday, Nov. 10. He is survived by sons, John C. McCutchen III, San Francisco, Louis M. McCutchen, Missouri City; daughter-in-law, Elise McCutchen; and grandsons, Alexander and Sean McCutchen. He was preceded in death by his wife, Elizabeth Pourciau McCutchen; and his parents, John Chapman McCutchen and Carvelle Mercer McCutchen. Pallbearers will be Miles Brashier, Jeff David, John King, Major Hebert, David Quinn and Jim Laurent. He was a member of the Episcopal faith, the American Legion and the Democratic Party. Niland's Funeral Services, New Roads, is in charge of arrangements.
Published in The Advocate on 11/6/2005. ... d=15591792

Guestbook at the above web page.

From Noladave

From FW:
His son emailed this morning. He wanted me to post this and forward this information:

Funeral arrangements are still tentative but our current plans are for him to be buried in New Roads, La on Monday with a memorial service in Houston next Thursday. Anyone is welcome to contact me for further details. My e-mail address is
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Rest In Peace - John.
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Jax Wave


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Whay a loss. Having never met him, I still could surmise his class from his posts. I hope he was able to read our posts over the last week and it gave him some comfort in his last days. RIP Attom, you will be greatly missed. We will continue to pray for him and his loved ones.
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Rest in peace Mr. John.
I will miss.
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John was a great man. Back in 2003, he, JtS, and I had some phenomenal conversations about growing up in Southern Louisiana and attending Tulane through three different generations. John's contributions to civil rights and to overall social reform both in South Louisiana and elsewhere have been, are, and will always be greatly appreciated.

The thing that saddens me the most is that JtS and I kept urging him to write some of his stories down for future generations to read, but none of us were able to do so. One memory that sticks out the most is the three of us in the hotel restaurant just talking, telling stories, listening to each other, and realizing what a special moment it was that we were sharing.

I'm going to miss you, John. In fact I already do.
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Lady Wave
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John was a man of great faith, and this faith helped him greatly through the last few weeks. It's comforting to know that his pain has been eased, and he is finally going to be able to see his beloved wife Betty again. My thoughts and prayers continue to be with his family. It was a privilege to meet them, especially his two grandsons of whom John was so proud.

YOGWF won't be the same without you, attom.
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He will be missed by all, Godspeed John
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Will miss him greatly

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He has fought the good fight, he has finished is work.

My prayers go out to his family; his spirit and demeanor serves as a model of how all of us should behave.
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met him during that review business

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he was a real gentleman.

and know I hear from some of these other posts that he was a loyal Democrat. Now I really miss him.
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I also remember...

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meeting John briefly at the Bruno's party on June 10, 2003. I shook his hand and said a quick hello. You will be missed, John. God bless you! My prayers are with you and your family. Roll Wave...into the next life!
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Having met Attom on YOGWF and having some email contact with him, but never meeting him in person, I can still attest to John's class and his love for Tulane. He was a Greenie through and through and will truly be missed.

RIP Attom.
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wave'm in
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So many reasons for me to like him

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He was a Vetran, great Greenie, great Democrat, and I'm sure a great Father and husband. Do we send flowers or make donations to the athletic fund?
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John - it was my privilege. We never met in person, but I always appreciated your pm's and wisdom. Roll wave.
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Post by PeteRasche »

Does anyone have a pic of John that they could post? I would like to put a face with the name. And I'm sure that many here (possibly including myself) might recognize him, even if they did not meet him.

RIP, John.
Donny Z
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Check Lady Wave's post on Attom just below this one. There is a recent picture of John and the 3 ladies. He was a great man and a great green wave fan. RIP, John.
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PeteRasche wrote:Does anyone have a pic of John that they could post? I would like to put a face with the name. And I'm sure that many here (possibly including myself) might recognize him, even if they did not meet him.

RIP, John.
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Rest in Peace, John.

Your contributions will never be forgotten.
Coach Mac
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You will be missed John

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Goodbye John

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You will be sorely missed.

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RIP attom...

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Met him in '03 at Brunos...Condolences to his family.
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Even though I never actually met John...

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...I always felt like I knew him. Great Greenie, better man. He'll be missed.

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Post by APanther »

Seems like a real good guy. In May, when I had mentioned on here that I had just graduated Tulane, he sent me a really nice e-mail congratulating me:
60 yrs ago, having resided in Doris Hall, Warren House and Fogelman, after small ceremony in Newcomb auditorium, I climbed aboard a streetcar, rode to the L&N station then at foot of Canal, to catch a train to the Pacific, and more importantly in the long run, began life as a TU alum and supporter. May your future be bright prosperous and long lasting, but no matter what, always support Tulane with pride and dignity. Hope this milestone is not the end of your YOGWF postings.


John McCutchen
aka attom
He will be missed.
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Jax Wave

Wow, AP.

Post by Jax Wave »

That note sure choked me up. Thanks for sharing it.
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