Meet George Jetson

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Meet George Jetson

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Happy birthday, George Jetson!

This week, eagle-eyed fans of the iconic 1960s sitcom “The Jetsons” pointed out how the future has come to fruition. According to internet sleuths, the animated series’ main character George would have been born in 2022, and enthusiasts estimated his exact birthdate as potentially being this Sunday, July 31. ... p_catchall
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Re: Meet George Jetson

Post by waverider »

I saw a video today breaking down the ages of the other characters. George would have been 24 when he conceived his first child, Judy, with his wife, Jane, who would have been 16 or 17 at time of conception.
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Re: Meet George Jetson

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Re: Meet George Jetson

Post by doncecco »

I remember always wondering when we would have flying cars. But you could conclude that with the exception of flying cars (and elevated space needle type homes), most of the technology on the show has come to pass.

Appropriate since I took my first trip up the Space Needle yesterday.
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