Charlie Pride Dies of COVID

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Charlie Pride Dies of COVID

Post by WaveProf »

2020 was a rough year for Nashville. John Prine and Charlie Pride of COVID, Justin Townes Earle of an overdose.

And, as evidence that no musician would want to be near us in 2020, JTE was the last person we saw live before quarantine and John Prine was the first concert we had tickets purchased for that got canceled by quarantine. So maybe it is our fault? :coolshades:

The JTE death really tore this house up. A lot of late nights on the balcony with some bourbon and music and tears.

As for Charlie Pride, I absolutely hate that COVID got him, but all in all, he was 86, and to quote Robert Altman, the death of a man that age may be sad, but it's never a tragedy.
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Re: Charlie Pride Dies of COVID

Post by MattK »

Along with those country singers, Jerry Jeff Walker and Billy Joe Shaver both passed in the same week.
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