Lorenzo Doss

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Lorenzo Doss

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Mr. Doss just made a huge play on the goal line for the Broncos. Broke up a 4th down pass thrown by Phillip Rivers. San Diego just got the ball back and putting one final drive together.

Tulane guys doing well today.

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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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(I forget the site that does it) Doss was named the highest rated DB this past weekend. He allowed a TD but apparently his percentage of passes thrown at to those caught was really good. He had 2 or 3 pass break ups.
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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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Cut by the broncos. Supposedly for a habit of being late :oops:

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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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Got picked up by the Bills today, on the p-squad.

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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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Re: Lorenzo Doss

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Released to make room for Eric Reid.
Saints sure could use CB help about now.
Maybe the Saints could call his college coach for input.

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