Why youth sports are hurting....

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Why youth sports are hurting....


https://www.yahoo.com/sports/m/aafd8eae ... occer.html

Interesting read about what specialized money driven leagues actual produce.
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Re: Why youth sports are hurting....

Post by tjtlja »

Very good read. You see it in travel baseball also, unless you live in a city like Houston where you really don’t have to travel to play the best. This will only get worst. The days of little league baseball in your neighborhood is extinct or exist with players that are levels below their travel buddies and typically have coaches that know little about the fundamentals of the sport. It is a problem.

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Re: Why youth sports are hurting....

Post by Poseidon »

Aside from bemoaning "wealthy white families" and "undeserved communities" it was OK.

I have a good bit of experience from being the son a a coach, a recruit, travel team player, and then a coach myself.

From my point of view the problems are from unintended consequences from the rise of specialty leagues, training facilities, and scouting businesses. It isn't as linked to money as one's socioeconomic class as much as the article insist.

The system does a good job producing good players and stays in business because of that. However many players are passed up on or never seen because they didn't enter the system early enough. Late developers are pretty much excluded from soccer, softball, baseball, and some football and basketball positions. In football and basketball if you are a physical specimen or you speed numbers jump off the board then you can on-board into the system late. I have also known parents to pay for other peoples kids to play on their kids team if it makes their team better and their kid gets more exposure because he is on a a better team.

The lack of bottom level scouting that goes on at the college level would surprise most people. In the majority of cases the programs get their scouting list from scouting companies, training facilities, or showcase team leagues and coaches. If kid isn't tapped into them then he/she will not be seen. Programs don't look for diamonds in the anymore because they presented with other quality stones with less time consumed. The Diamonds are still there.

Another thing that I have observed that has led to less people playing is that high schools and middle schools have gotten bigger and bigger. No matter what size the school they are only going to have one team with 9 starters in baseball 22 in football, etc. Many kids play much better in games than they look in practice. Other are practice gods and don't pan put in games. This and the limited number of roster spots. In schools with 1500-2000 students it is hard to play just for fun of it. It is something different than recreation. 750-1000 boys or girls competing to make a single team. Schools that have around 500 total student have twice to four times the amount of opportunities to play what is supposed to a hobby. If the author wants to talk about the undeserved then he should consider why should school's funds serve so few people for a recreational sport that end's up being just a few more at bats or minutes for kids who will be playing the whole summer on showcase/travel teams.
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Re: Why youth sports are hurting....

Post by Baywave1 »

FWIW, for those who watched the HR Derby last night, announcers discussed Harper being recruited by travel teams across USA when he was nine years old.

At moment, MLB can sign foreign minors who are generally then sent to Dominican baseball academies and the like. I guess we're moving to the soccer model where top global teams seem to sign ten year olds or the like and then prep them in their own academies.

Obviously many of the players at the IMG academies in the USA are on "scholarship" and IMG is clearly trying to establish a viable agent relationship as soon as they "graduate."

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Re: Why youth sports are hurting....

Post by MattK »

Baywave1 wrote:I guess we're moving to the soccer model where top global teams seem to sign ten year olds or the like and then prep them in their own academies.

they mentioned late developing soccer players (globally) in the article. I was skeptical that there's a bunch of them being discovered and developed relatively late in their childhood.

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