Tulane Head Baseball Coach Free to a Terrible Home

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Tulane Head Baseball Coach Free to a Terrible Home

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Tulane Head Baseball Coach Free to a Terrible Home.
I don’t have any Pros so here are plenty of Cons. Feel free to add.

-Only played (watched the water jug) 2 years of baseball at a community college no one has ever heard of. played is a huge statement. Let me edit that statement.
-Doesn’t use the internet to properly learn basic fundamentals of the game.
-idea of positive reinforcement consist of bashes players (non-favorites) by telling them to hang themselves and put a shotgun in their mouths and blow their brains out. (True statements)
-cannot make out a lineup without using a cap he draws names out of (again minus favorites)
-Very poor actor portraying himself as a Head Coach
-Acts like a baby and doesn’t talk sometimes to team after games he doesn’t think we’ve played well (remember he didn’t even play baseball)
-plenty more but I’m almost tired of typing

-very good at putting hands on knees
-having a complicated signal system every one of our opponents figure out.
-very difficult to find any pros without cons
-very good at continuing to use the signal system we all know the opponents know, but continues to use it.
-very good at finally recognizing that the opponents know his complicated signal system and decides to use simple finger signal system by the catcher. Problem solved.
-an expert at playing the shift and opponents hit where we should have been playing regular.
-great at overthinking everything but not accomplishing anything.

Ok so please someone come get this guy.
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