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For those who've been with YOGWF for a good while you probably remember the last update and server change. We went through a 12 hour to for a few almost a 48 hour period were we thought there were two YOGWFs. We dubbed it the "Ghost forum..."

As of now the NEW, updated version of YOGWF with a new IP is out there in cyberspace awaiting the transfer of the old version of YOGWF and the old IP. This is not instantaneous and takes at least 8 hours usually 12 hours and sometimes longer. Once the proper settings, formats, data, colors, fonts and hopefully new style, and PICTURES are changed you will see a new forum with a few more bells and whistles. We will add more as we figure them out. This process will take a until morning for some and a couple days for others. Everything "should" be worked out in the next 24-ish hours. Thanks for your patience.

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