RIP Walter "Wolfman" Washington

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RIP Walter "Wolfman" Washington

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He was not really my jam but I enjoyed myself at his gigs when I found myself there, and that was just it; he was seemingly omnipresent in the New Orleans scene over the 30 years since I first came to Tulane (and I'm sure well before that). I don't think you could have attended Tulane in that time and not found yourself somewhere that he was performing, whether it be at a TGIF on the quad, some Tulane function somewhere that included music, at Jazzfest, or just at some music club. And while he may never have had commercial success or been known as the "hottest act in town", he certainly deserves a bit of legend status in New Orleans.
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Re: RIP Walter "Wolfman" Washington

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Sad day for the music scene. May he rest in a well deserved peace.
We deserve so much better
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