Jadon canady

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Jadon canady

Post by tulaneoutlaw »

Commits to Ole Miss.
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Re: Jadon canady

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I would like to know the impact, if any, it has on our chances against them. He can help diagnose Pratt’s tendencies and coaching decisions.
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Re: Jadon canady

Post by Yankeewave »

Well, I hope he can’t give away too much.
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Re: Jadon canady

Post by PeteRasche »

I've heard people point out that one year's schollie and some NIL money, even if he can't play, is a pittance for a cash-flush SEC team to pay to help ensure they don't lose a "risky" OOC game. It seems a little tin-foil-hat, but it's also probably true.
My questions, to those who have played and/or would know, are:
1. How much of the offensive playbook would a defensive player know? Like, presumably Canady would know what a called term in an audible meant, which is hurtful to us... Is it likely he would even recognize sets and such, or are college DBs so focused on what they're doing, and what opponents on film are doing, that they aren't likely to know their own team's stuff? Or is this a huge concern?
2. With us getting new assistants and a new DC before spring practice and Canady being with us for spring, would he have gotten the full new playbook from Wood that quickly? Or would his knowledge of our new system under Wood be limited simply due to the short period of time that Wood was here before Canady left?
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Re: Jadon canady

Post by Baywave1 »

It can only help Ole Miss. yeah it’s not cynical to think a lot of this is scouting for a player who may be really limited on field in 2023.

Classic Kiffin but beating them will be all the better come September.

Meanwhile no doubt our new DC will help Tulane similarly for USA game
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Re: Jadon canady

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Why did Canady enter the portal in the first place?
It wasn’t like he had a great year and was going to start for another team this season anyway.
I say come onto the field on crutches for the conference championship game and he looked very down. I thought it was because he couldn’t play, but who knows. Might another McDougle situation.
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