This time last year….

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This time last year….

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was the start of something that resulted in generational greatness, awareness and financial success.The joy last year will last forever.
Reflecting on where I was then and the journey Tulane’s football team took me kinda still overwhelms me.

Then I start thinking about ‘23.

my bones (and facts) tell me (in the strongest way in my life as a TU fan) that this could continue to be great for a long time.

So as I take a breath/re-center/get real before the season…this nagging positiveness keeps creeping up…..what IF:
Tulane has a great coach? And staff? And system?
We’ve built a culture that great players want to join? ( has anyone paid attention to what these transfers are saying?)
We have a nearly unlimited amount of super stud players in our backyard?
TU sees the enormous $$ benefit of a great sports program.

Inches people.

See you Sat night.
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