James Caan dies at 82

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James Caan dies at 82

Post by waverider »

After Sonny Corleone, his roll as Coach Sam Winters in The Program is one of my favorites (which I quoted on the main board recently).
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Re: James Caan dies at 82

Post by OGSB »

First 2 movies I thought of were The Godfather and Thief. The women around me all said Elf.
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Re: James Caan dies at 82

Post by doncecco »

Brian's Song.

And he was very good in the series Las Vegas
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Re: James Caan dies at 82

Post by Johnny Mac »

he was kind of a d!ck though.. met him at a grand opening of a Planet Hollywood in Atlanta many years ago... chatted with for a bit... he was grumbly, not even remotely cordial. I asked for his autograph for JtS who is a HUUUGGGEE Godfather fan... I asked if he could sign it "Sonny".. and he's like "you can write that if you want"

I understand an actor doesn't like to be remembered for just one role, but come on... who mentions any of his roles BEFORE you say "Sonny Corleone?"
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Re: James Caan dies at 82

Post by GretnaGrn »

He was also great in the original Rollerball, a highly underrated movie.

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Re: James Caan dies at 82

Post by WaveProf »

The Godfather and The Rain People. Both FF Coppola movies (2 of his better ones). And the two had been friends since age 20ish (met in film school).
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